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✓    Growing VFx industry (9000 Crores by 2020)

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What is VFx? & Why Should I Learn VFx?

Visual Effects (abbreviated as VFx) is the art & technique of artificially creating or manipulating imagery or adding special effects to situations or scenes in film making in order to make the content visually correct & appealing

VFx is gaining prominence in today's fast paced world where our virtual & real worlds fuse together. Be it mystical romance, super natural worlds & mythical creatures, super heroes, glamorous looking products, boring or "shooting not possible" locations converted into action packed war zones, filling up a stadium with cheering crowds, VFx does it all.

Reason's why VFx has gained prominence are:
Films & Television
The blockbuster success of movies that use VFx like Bahubali, Sultan etc has given rise to studios that create VFx or collaborating with Hollywood & International studios to create content

To lure the consumer to buy their products, specially online, advertising agencies have to creat clutter free visuals using VFx to reach their target consumers. With consumer spends increasing, more companies are using VFx in their communications to woo them
Consumers accross demographies like gender & age are increasingly beng hooked to mobile devices which has fathomed a huge demand for gaming content using VFx - from spooky to blood curdling, war and gore to thrilling chases or just super, light hearted fun
With bandwidths expanding rapidly and users growing exponentially, the Web has become our most happening world. The requirement for rich content on websites, micro sites, portals and online video sites is ever increasing.

Career Options in VFx:
By learning VFx, you open avista of wide career choices and can join companies like:
Gaming Studios Film Production Copanies TV Channels Advertising Agencies TV Serial Production Houses
You can Join as:
VFx Compositor Roto Artist Matte Painter Pre-Comp Artist Match Moving Artist Tracking Artist VFx Artist

Learn VFx The Arena Way:

Eligibility: Anyone with 10+2 from any stream (Arts, Commerce or Science)

♦ Learn to Visualise complex scenes before filming

Composite your videos with added elements to enhance the viewer experience

♦ Remove Wire from studio created scenes and learn Roto painting or the art of frame by frame tracing of characters to create  stunning animation visuals.

♦ Learn colour correction for better visual impact and to match the VFx output

♦ Learn how to Extract key elements shot on a Green Background or ‘Green Screen”

♦ Learn about Matte Painting – Creating illusion of an environment, not actually present during shooting or actual footage.

♦ Learn about Camera Tracking & Matchmoving on footage or VFx Scenes to create seamless integration of composited objects  or animation into a scene.

♦ Learn to create depth in a scene by framing and placement of 3D matte painted layers.

♦ Learn about Matchmoving using Mocha

♦ Advanced Rotoscopy with Fusion & Tracking with Boujou

Project: Visual Effects Show Reel

Duration: 380 Hours or 15 Months (if classes are held 3 Days/Week)
** Software(s) covered: Nuke, NukeX, Photoshop, Mocha, Houdini, Digital Fusion, Boujou
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Arena Multimedia at Park Street has been creating winning careers since 1998 and was the pioneer in the animation, multimedia & VFx training space with an successful alumni base of over 5000 students

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We have won numerous awards for our quality and are best known in the animation, multimedia and VFx market for our quality focus. The testimony to this is the fact that our alumni are working in almost all animation, Design & VFx companies in India

100% Placement Assistance

We never loose focus on the fact that most students join our program with an objective to get a juice placement after completion of their course with us. Our nation wide Placement Cell works relentlessly to ensure that every student achieves the objective of getting placed

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